Gross Anatomy

Duke Gross Anatomy is part of the larger Normal Body Course for first year medical students (MS1). The topics covered in Gross Anatomy are meant to integrate well with concurrent Physiology and Microanatomy labs. You will find detailed information about Gross Anatomy on
our Course Information page. For the laboratory component of our course, we use a Duke specific online dissector.

All of our eight faculty members hold advanced degrees in anatomy, biology, or evolutionary anthropology. In addition, we have two graduate student teaching assistants who help advise students during lab.

      Course Director                                      Co-Course Directors

        Dr. Daniel Schmitt                           Dr. Roxanne Larsen                        Dr. Angel Zeininger 

Instructors                                                                     Teaching Assistants

Dr. J. Matthew Velkey (Embryology component director)                 Bernadette Perchalski
Dr. Sara Doyle                                                                                  Rachel Roston
Dr. Gillian Moritz
Dr. James D. Pampush