Human Structure

Human Structure is an eight week gross anatomy course for students in the Masters of Biomedical Sciences program.

      Course Director                                      Co-Course Directors

        Dr. Daniel Schmitt                           Dr. Roxanne Larsen                        Dr. Angel Zeininger 


Each week of Human Structure has a theme and begins with a lecture on that topic. The eight themes are back, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, upper limb, lower limb, brain, and head and neck. 


Students work in teams three days per week during dissection laboratory. Human Structure uses an online dissector that is specific to Duke.

Graduate Seminar

Students read peer-reviewed literature related to the anatomical region of interest each week. These evidence-based medicine articles are discussed during Graduate Seminar. Additionally, students produce a written critique of one article per week.

Team-based Events 

Each week concludes with a clinical case that ties together multiple sources of anatomical knowledge learned that week. Students first take an independent readiness assessment (IRA) followed by a group readiness assessment (GRA) in which they work as a team to best answer the quiz questions. Finally, students work together to complete the team-based event (TBE) clinical application.